upward mobility for all.


The Problem


Work Commute Disparity


The average work commute time in Central Ohio is about 20 minutes. For low income residents that take public transportation it takes roughly three to four times as long.

Employee High Turnover


The cost to replace an employee is 16% of their annual salary for  jobs paying under $30,000 a year. For example, the cost to replace a $10/hour employee would be $3,328.


The Opportunity

EmpowerBus is strengthening the roads to social mobility by providing dignified, reliable, and on-time transportation to and from employment, education, and healthcare opportunities. We utilize clustering and strategic partnerships to address the transportation barriers that are facing under-resourced communities in Ohio. 


The Formula


Clusters of Workforce-ready citizens 

We work with strategic partners throughout the community to find workers that are naturally living near each other that are ready for semi-skilled and low-skilled employment.


Dignified, reliable, on-time transportation

Our shuttle provides the rider with dignified and reliable transportation to and from work. When appropriate EmpowerBus becomes a "classroom on wheels" teaching our riders english for the workplace and other helpful topics.


Jobs at Employment Opportunities

We work with employers with entry-level, semi-skilled, and low-skilled positions who are culturally competent, and welcoming of employees with diverse backgrounds. Our current focus is on manufacturing & distribution centers.


Increased Stability & Profits

Partnering with EmpowerBus increases the stability of the employer's workforce thus lowering their turnover costs and improving their top-line revenue.


Our Services

EmpowerBus is a Connector to
Economic and community development. 


Critical to employers is attracting and retaining a dependable workforce. Employers that pay a fair wage and offer benefits along with transportation increase their rate of retention and build employee loyalty. Work environment, safety, and cultural competency also significantly improve retention. The Employer pays for EmpowerBus. This increases their gross revenue by improving the timeliness, consistency, and retention and their employees. 


Corporations, non-profits, and higher education institutions can fuel and support EmpowerBus as well by using our services! If you are in need of group transportation, use EmpowerBus during our "off" hours so we can keep our mission driving forward.  We cherish the opportunity to be work alongside organizations that share in our values and strive to support our community.  


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It begins and ends with people. We see the good in humanity and want people to see the good in EmpowerBus. It is vital to our mission that we are transporting people that are committed to their professional and personal growth so that we can transport them places where they have secure jobs, affordable and good healthcare, and access to excellent education.   


Employment agencies (staffing agencies, non-profits, and social enterprises) serve two clients: Job seekers who desire to work their way to financial stability, and employers who pay fair wages and offer benefits. One of the gaps in access is reliable transportation. As a partner agency of EmpowerBus, there is no cost for service. The key to partnership is providing dependable workforce-ready citizens.  



"EmpowerBus addresses manufacturing and distribution facilities’ major pain points of reliable workers and transportation through a system that’s more than just a ride."

The Metropreneur

"By taking advantage of the neighborhood clustering of immigrant groups and of employers’ need for hardworking, dependable workers, EmpowerBus is able to provide employers with the transportation services their workers need at a cost the employers can afford."

Columbus Business First


"Kroger has hired EmpowerBus ... [To] run “a continuous loop” between the closed Kroger’s parking lot and Kroger’s 1745 Morse Road store from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily."

The columbus dispatch